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Friday May 12, 2017

Elizabeth Seton Residence Celebrates
National Nurses Week on May 12th  
The wonderful nursing staff were celebrated and thanked for all their hard work this week followed by an afternoon celebration to end the week. The nurses were given a wonderful gift to show them how appreciated they all are for what they do daily.  “You can save 1 life and be a hero, if you save 100 lives you are a nurse!!!”

Wednesday May 3, 2017

National Nursing Home Week 2017
 Every skilled nursing care center embodies a unique and vibrant spirit and community for residents, volunteers , family and staff alike. Acts of kindness, generosity and compassion from proud veterans, immigrants, and hardworking people of different faiths fill the walls of each center. During National Nursing Home Week® (NNHW), May 14 to 20, 2017, skilled nursing care centers will unite under the theme, “The Spirit of America.” This theme underscores the bond between staff, volunteers, family and residents that capture the American spirit.  Our Schedule of events is below. We invite all residents, staff,  volunteers and families to attend.   
Sunday May 14th: Mother’s Day Tea and outdoor Concert 2pm-3pm 
Monday May 15th: Service Day, Ice Cream Social 2pm-3pm  
Tuesday May 16th: New England Sports Day, Donut Social 6:30am-10:00am  
Wednesday May 17th: Western Day,  
Thursday May 18th: Decades Day, Cocktails and Mocktails 2pm-3pm  
Friday: Spirit of America Art & Crafts Day with a Rainbow Theme 
Saturday May 20th: Family Carnival Day 2pm-3pm 
Please Come and join in on the fun!!!

Thursday April 13, 2017

Boston Marathon and Our "Walk the Marathon" Activity
Today we made our goal of 26.2 miles. The residents all worked hard to make this goal happen. We are all very proud of all the walkers who participated.
We made it can you?

Wednesday April 12, 2017

On Wednesday April 12th we held our egg decorating class. The residents of each floor participated in dying eggs for Easter.  They had fun dipping the eggs into the dye and checking to see if they were ready. Some of the resident even made multiple color eggs by dipping only half in at a time.  They will be on display on Easter Sunday for all to see!!

Wednesday April 5, 2017

2017 Boston Marathon & Our “Walk the Marathon” Activity!!!
Elizabeth Seton Residence is honored to have Kevin Flynn of San Diego running  the 121st Annual Boston Marathon in memory of his mother and to raise money for Elizabeth Seton Residence.  Kevin’s mother spent her last days here at Elizabeth Seton last spring. Kevin and his family were impressed with the care and respect his mother received and he wanted to give back.  Elizabeth Seton’s  Activities Director  Nicolette Lanceleve along with Administrator Lori  Ferrante put their heads together to plan this activity to help support Kevin and raise awareness for health and fitness.  The residents started off with a wellness program. This included daily exercise with the activities department and the rehab team, to build strength in their legs and arms, with the goal to “walk” the marathon. The residents of Elizabeth Seton will collectively walk 26.2 miles in support of Kevin.  Each resident is  an essential part  of reaching the 26.2 mile goal. Whether they use a walker, cane or wheelchair each resident participates to their fullest abilities.  The maintenance team helped by measuring out 10 foot intervals around each unit to help measure how many feet each resident walks.  The 10 foot intervals are measured and marked by sneakers on the wall.  One full lap around each unit is 315 feet.  The residents are excited to be a part of this activity and many  participate on their own and let the activities staff know how many times they walked around so it can get added to the total.

Tuesday April 4, 2017

On January 17, 2017 Elizabeth Seton Residence had it’s first Creative Writing Program with Anna Higgins. The residents that attended this program really enjoyed the new engaging activity on the calendar.  Although many were skeptical at first because they had never heard of this, they went out of their comfort zone and gave it a chance. Anna asked them to write about themselves so she could get to know them. The 7 residents who attended told their stories about where they have traveled, how many children they have, their hobbies and struggles.  It was amazing to learn more about each resident. When the program was over they asked right away if Anna was coming back, because they truly enjoyed her being a part of this new activity.
Anna was here on April 4, 2017 and will be coming back May 9, 2017

Monday April 3, 2017

Opening Day for the Boston Red Sox was today.  We at Elizabeth Seton are big Red Sox fans so of course there was an opening day party.  Along with Marillac Residence, the residents of Elizabeth Seton had popcorn, pretzels, pigs in a blanket, soda and peanuts; as we all watched the game on the big screen.  It was a lot of fun to sing take me out to the ball game and then watch the game with all the Red Sox fans on the Mount St. Vincent campus.  Being Patriots fans as well it was great to see the players present their trophies and to see Tom Brady throw out the first pitch.  It was a little scary to see Tom chasing down and tackling Gronk. We don’t want the “goat” aka Tom Brady to get hurt….it was all in good fun though so we think he is safe to win us another Super Bowl.

Monday, December 5th

We are very pleased to introduce an expanded team of medical care providers from Newton Wellesley Internists P.C. to care for your loved ones here at Elizabeth Seton Residence. For more information, click here.

Friday October 28, 2016

Earlier this month, the Annual Celebration of Caring Dinner at The Elizabeth Seton Residence was a great success and enjoyed by all who attended. The event was held at Mount Saint Vincent where guests mingled and enjoyed a cocktail reception while being entertained by the Winiker Jazz trio. This was followed by a festive dinner in the Mount Saint Vincent dining room. Guests enjoyed several speeches, including an especially moving one delivered by a resident family member who described the loving care received by his mother at the Elizabeth Seton Residence. All proceeds from the evening will support the Elizabeth Seton Residence as they continue their commitment to delivering quality, person-centered care in a home-like environment. For those who were not able to join us, take a moment to watch our reflective video. To watch the video, click here.