Compassionate Care in a Catholic Setting




“We love the fact that my Aunt has her own bedroom and bathroom. The Residence is kept lovely and clean which is so important to my Aunt as she is a meticulously clean person.”

- Elaine Belleti
East Wapole, MA

“The Residence is clean, nice and quiet. I have a private room all to myself. I couldn’t be anywhere better. The staff are extremely courteous and never complain at my requests.”

- Joseph C.

“The therapists and nurses at Elizabeth Seton were wonderful, caring, motivating. I am so very grateful to them. The therapists were always so positive and they encouraged me to keep trying all the time.”

- Helen M.
Wellesley, MA

“The Elizabeth Seton Residence provides a very high level of care. Our Mom has been a resident for over two years and has remained healthy and safe and has made very close friends. She looks forward to daily Mass and Communion.”

- John Mannix
Chestnut Hill, MA

“My father was a resident at the Elizabeth Seton Residence and our family was very, very pleased with the level of care he received there. The beautiful rural setting and the private rooms are wonderful. The nursing care he received was outstanding. The consistency of the staff at Elizabeth Seton Residence makes it marvelous.”

- Dr. Allen Engel
Newton Wellesley Hospital

“The therapists at Elizabeth Seton Residence are very professional but also really put people at ease. They are friendly and the atmosphere there is really homey which was great. Everyone I know who has been to physical therapy at Elizabeth Seton Residence speaks very well of them. I would highly recommend it as I received great care there.

- Mildred C., SC
Wellesley, MA

“In the two years my mother has been at Elizabeth Seton it has more than lived up to our expectations. When my mother moved there it was a tough transition for her but the folks at Elizabeth Seton helped her every step of the way. They went out of their way to deal with all her idiosyncrasies.”

- Frank Crocetti
Chestnut Hill, MA

“My recovery is going well here. My orthopedic surgeon is very pleased with my progress. The Physical and Occupational therapists here do a great job. They have their act together. They are very organized and they have a plan. They tell me ahead of time when I’m coming to rehab and I really like that.”

- Dorothy E
Waltham, MA

“As our days with Mom drew to a close, it is difficult to know who – our Mother or her family – most benefited from the professional, ever-present and supportive care the staff provided. Words cannot fully capture how grateful we are to each member of the Elizabeth Seton staff whose kindness, care and support made our mother’s last home a happy and safe place for her”

- Patricia MacKay
Mansfield, MA

“During all my visits here at the Elizabeth Seton Residence, (I visit every day) I have noticed that everyone is engaged and that no one is unattended. No one is ever sitting alone. It is also spotlessly clean. There are always people around sweeping and cleaning, which is wonderful as my mother’s home was always so clean.”

- Mary Beth Sanford
Sudbury, MA

“I visit a client at Elizabeth Seton Residence regularly. When I arrive for my visits, I always find her out of bed, dressed, and well groomed. From her appearance, it is clear that the person taking care of her on the day of my visit has spent a great deal of time with her. Everything I have seen indicates she is receiving quality care. A great deal of attention is being paid to the resident’s dignity at a time when her body and mind is failing her. My compliments to your staff.”

- Sean Nicholas Fay, Esq
Marlborough, MA

“Thank you to the entire staff at Elizabeth Seton Residence who provided such wonderful care and showed such kindness to our family during the time that our Mother was a resident there. It is a truly special place and God blessed us when we located this facility and last “home” for Mom.”

- D.D., C.V., and C.B.
Needham, MA

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